This image uses a tetradic color scheme with cyan and blue, magenta, and green as the main hues, with touches of orange for accents. The dominant hue might be the cyan / blue family, as the cyan bag stripes and blue box occupy a lot of the area and the blue box is most intense. Also, the starburst in the lower left corner attracts attention and uses the blue hue.

I intended to evoke a party atmosphere with the discarded trimmings and give them a somewhat sinister feel with the magenta eyes in the doll faces. Those attract the most attention due to our innate facial recognition gestalt capabilities. Also, the upright panels leading from the middle foreground to the box at middle right direct the eye into that area. They look like jewels with the faceted light and belt-like attachment.

The starburst in the lower left corner sits next to and overlaps an elliptical sink, with a darkening center. The magenta ellipse sucks the light from the blue-white radiant source to its left. This resembles a black hole next to a supernova. The green tablet on which they rest may be our flat platform on Earth for observing such cosmic wonders. It floats in an ethereal sky filled with dimly lit clouds.

This design element sets up tension within itself via the starburst / sink ellipses. It also pulls the viewer's eye away from the dolls' eyes. The radiating lines of light from the starburst propel the eye back into the design of the bag. This also creates a mysterious inversion of up and down, as if we are seeing through the Earth to the Universe that exists all around us.

The three negative spaces moving diagonally from middle left to lower right represent the void before time and space came into being. They may also represent the nothingness from which we sprang and which awaits us after death, if you don't believe in creation and heaven.

The textured orange cord on the edge of the bag emphasizes that shape, which may be the most interesting abstract form with its tight loop in the center foreground. The bag handle and orange jewel also frame the center of interest in the box with the elliptical medallion.

Inside the medallion the low chroma / intensity emphasizes the glaring magenta eyes of the dolls. The deliberate zero chroma / intensity of the faces also challenges our preoccupation with skin color. The top doll is looking at the one to her left, while the one on the bottom stares straight at the viewer. The third doll on the far right casts a mind spell on us and you can see the emanating thought waves.