Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from a nest hidden in the tall grass?  Imagine the spears of grass as swords jutting up int the air, like a rampart against a hostile charge.  Twigs laying across the perimeter establish an entrenched boundary, protecting the hen from enemy fire.  Overhead the sky glows weird colors from spring sunshine filtered through overhead leafy camoflage.  Your eggs reflect those colors, and blend in with the chaotic symphony of electromagnetic vibrations. 

You hear your mate honking as he circles the area, but you and your precious clutch is hidden so well that he cannot spot it from above.  You need a break so you send up a beacon that illuminates your location.  He sees the flare and homes in to give you some well deserved relief, and assumes his place as a proud father to be.

Who can make sense of the totality of the world?  Certainly not a goose, nor a human for that matter.  All we can comprehend with any certainty is what we perceive in our environment, be it the close proximity of a circle of woven sticks and moss, or the vast reaches of space and time.  Which world you inhabit depends upon your capacity to engage.