It is nicer in Wyoming now than in New Mexico.  I am actually in Laramie and have been here for a week.  I would have stayed in New Mexico for the New Moon cycle, but the weather forecasts were pretty bad.  It actually looked better in Wyoming so I decided to bolt.  I left Tuesday afternoon, April 5th, and drove all night, reaching Laramie at about 7:30 AM on Wednesday morning.
I stayed with Jason and his roommates for almost a week, but my friend Janell offered to let me stay in one of her apartments that is currently not rented.  I moved into this apartment on Monday afternoon.  So far it has been great.  The apartment is nice and has lots of room for a single guy.  I have been catching up on sleep and working on my classes, since the move from New Mexico put me behind in both the music class I am taking and the statistics class I am teaching.
I am planning on staying for a few more weeks in Laramie before I go to Story.  I would like to repay my friend Janell's kindness and do some handyman work for her.  It is actually an open-ended agreement, so I could stay here in Laramie as long as I like.  It is tempting to do so, as Laramie is nice in the summer and the University library is so close.  I could also take classes at the University in the fall if I were here rather than in Story.